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Improve Light Quality & Save Energy, All With Less Maintenance & Lower Costs

LED Conversion Services

Get up to 50% incentive rebate! Convert your lighting system to LED and save up to 85% energy use.

Converting your existing lighting to LED allows for savings of up to 85% hydro use. In addition, get a government rebate (incentive rebate) in order to cover some of the LED lighting conversion expenses.

With our expertise, we are sure to provide you with the best lighting conversion solution that will maximize your incentive rebate from the government.

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LED Conversions

Converting Fluorescent Tubes to LED Tubes

It may be time to convert your fluorescent linear tubes to LED. In addition to the annual energy savings, with the Retrofit Program from the Toronto area governments, up to 50% of the upgrade costs could be covered.

Since 2005, we have been helping our business clients with our low prices, licensed electrical expertised and easy handling of the paperwork to get the maximum government incentive rebate.

Fluorescent Tube Fixture to LED Conversion

Converting Halogen / Incandescent Lamps to LED

If you have MR or PAR halogen or incandescent lamps in your business, you could save up to 85% in energy consumption through converting them to LED. The first step is to identify what type of halogen lamps you have installed and then our lighting specialist can help you get the most energy saving along with the maximum government incentives.

Our licensed & insured electricians will install your new LED lamps to your satisfaction.

Halogen to LED Conversion

Converting HID / High Bay Lighting to LED

Due to the high ceilings where high bay lighting are usually installed and the fact that LED bulbs are brighter and last a long time, LED conversions for high bays is very ideal. You'll also bring out the full spectrum of colors of your lighting system by converting your HID bulbs to LED ones. Your patrons' eyes will thank you.

Your wallet and the power grid will also thank you too. You'll save money, energy, and have more quality light. We can also help you get the maximum incentive rebate from the goverment to help cover up to 50% of the upgrade costs.

HID Lighting to LED Conversion

LED Conversion of Outdoor Lighting

The first place your visitors see is the outside of your property. Make their first impression a bright one.

If you are still using metal halide or HPS lighting for your exterior lighting, it may be time for an upgrade to LED. You’ll save energy and money and the area will have higher color quality as well.

Due to these lamps being exposed to our Canadian weather, specialty equipment and experience is usually required. Lighting Solutions has the licensed electricians, the lighting suppliers and the understanding of the regulatory environment to help you get the best installation for the lowest cost.

Parking Lot Lighting

Specialty Lighting Applications

We've handled the LED conversions for many specialty applications, including: Church/Sanctuary Lighting, Auditorium/Display Lighting, Gymnasium/Recreational Lighting, and Barn/Stables Lighting.

These specialty applications require special equipment and knowledge. Our licensed and insured electricians can reach these heights safely and do the work expertly.

Lighting Solutions will be able to help you with any of these lighting applications.

Parking Lot Lighting
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