Parking Occupancy Sensors

Save Energy When No One Is There, All With Less Maintenance & Lower Costs

Parking Garage Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy Sensors

A lot of time unoccupied areas are being lit, which is wasted energy and money. Energy can be easily saved with the use of occupancy sensors.

With Lighting Solutions, sensors are strategically placed to detect when a person or vehicle is approaching and therefore when the occupant reaches controlled area, the lighting will be fully operational. Lighting is always there when you need it.

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Retrofit Your Lighting System

There are many reasons why businesses retrofit their lighting systems. In most cases businesses can reduce their monthly hydro costs up to 85%. Additionally, regional hydro companies in Ontario will issue financial rebates for eligible lighting projects. Most projects managed by Lighting Solutions will see a Return On Investment (ROI) between 6 months to 2 years (depending on size and specific project requirements).

LED energy efficient lighting has the following benefits:

  • Reducing hydro costs
  • Comply with local light level standards
  • Earn government incentives and tax savings
  • Better quality lighting
  • Lower maintenance costs and extending product life
  • Increase worker productivity
  • Instant ON/OFF

Get up to 50% Incentive Rebate! Upgrade your parking lighting system and save up to 85% energy use.

Lighting retrofits allows for savings of up to 85% hydro use. In addition, get a government rebate (incentive rebate) in order to cover some of the lighting upgrade expenses.

After a free lighting assessment our team will calculate how much energy can be saved and how much of the lighting retrofit costs will be covered by the government. We have helped countless clients in getting their rebates and understand the regulatory environment. Our team of insured and licensed master electricians will complete the work to code to be eligible for the incentives.

With our expertise we are sure to provide you with the best lighting solution that will maximize your rebate from the government.

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Parking Garage Occupancy Sensors

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