Specialty Applications

Improve Light Quality & Save Energy, All With Less Maintenance & Lower Costs

Specialty Lighting Applications

Get up to 50% incentive rebate! Convert your lighting system to LED and save up to 85% energy use.

Converting your existing lighting to LED allows for savings of up to 85% hydro use. In addition, get a government rebate (incentive rebate) in order to cover some of the LED lighting conversion expenses.

With our expertise, we are sure to provide you with the best lighting conversion solution that will maximize your incentive rebate from the government.

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Specialty Applications Solutions

Church/Sanctuary Lighting

Due to the high ceilings and odd shapes of church and sanctuary lighting and the fact that LED bulbs are brighter and last a long time, LED conversions are very ideal for churches and sanctuaries. LED bulbs bring out the full spectrum of colors of your lighting system while using less energy and money. Couple these advantages with the installation incentives being offered by the government it is time to upgrade your lighting to LED.

Since 2005, we have been helping places of worship with our low prices, licensed electrical expertised and easy handling of the paperwork to get the maximum government incentive rebate.

Church Lighting

Auditorium/Display Lighting

The targeted nature of stage lighting needs to be taken into account with the mood lighting of the seating area. Brightness and color quality are vital and what is being displayed is of paramount importance. That said, due to the high ceilings and odd shapes of auditoriums, theatres, and convention centres, each project requires a different approach. It wouldn't be a good idea to choose a light bulb that needs changing often due to the height of the ceilings. With long life and the high light quality of LED bulbs, LED conversions are the ideal choice for theatres and auditoriums. With true vibrant color, your patrons' eyes will thank you.

Auditorium Lighting

Barn/Stables Lighting

Barns and stables are one of the most unique lighting challenges. Due to the high ceilings and odd shapes of the structure and the outdoor and rustic nature of these lights, there is a requirement of specialized equipment and expertise. With the low maintenance and bright quality of LED bulbs, LED conversions are very ideal for barns and stables.

Our licensed & insured electricians will install your new LED lamps to your satisfaction.

Stable Lighting

Gymnasium/Recreational Lighting

Like other specialty lighting ceiling height is a factor with gym lighting and requires special equipment for safe and timely conversions. Gymnasium lighting also has a major difference from other applications -- it needs to be protected from damage. Our lighting experts know the best quality caged lights that produce the best light and offer the greatest protection from sporting events.

If you are still using metal halide or HPS lighting for your exterior lighting, it may be time for an upgrade to LED. You’ll save energy and money and the area will have higher color quality as well.

Gym Lighting

Arena Lighting

LED lighting works best in the cold. That makes LEDs a perfect fit for arenas and skating rinks. Hockey pucks are also very damaging, so it's important to choose the right caged light that can withstand the impact. Most of all, it is important to have enough evenly lit lighting so that the ice surface is enjoyable.

With our expertise and equipment, we are sure to provide you with the best lighting conversion solution that will maximize your incentive rebate from the government.

Arena Lighting

Food Grade Lighting

When one speaks of food grade lighting, it usually refers to shatterproof lighting. This specific type of tube is designed to withstand the splintering and shattering of glass in case the tube is broken in any way. The tube has a coating, which is made from flexible plastic (Teflon). The coating will stay intact and retain of all the broken pieces of glass and phosphor powder inside the tube. Fluorescent tubes have a long life and high color quality but contain mercury so needed to be shatterproof if used in the food industry.

This type of lighting creates a safer working environment for employees and the products beneath the lighting system and reduces the risk of possible contamination in the food products.

Gym Lighting
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