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Solutions For Your Parking Lot Lighting

When referring to a parking lot, one could be referring to a covered parking garage or an open parking lot. Each have their specific requirements and changes the lighting you need. If you're referring to a covered parking space, please refer to our Parking Garage Lighting section.

With outdoor lots, weather is always a factor. The lighting needs to be waterproof and be able to handle extreme temperatures. Also, due to the open nature of the area, the height of pole lighting, concrete and conduit electrical work all require special equipment and .

Lighting Solutions has the expertise to help you with all your parking lot lighting needs.

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Parking Lot Lighting Retrofits

Get up to 50% Incentive Rebate! Upgrade your parking lighting system and save up to 85% energy use.

Lighting retrofits allows for savings of up to 85% hydro use. In addition, get a government rebate (incentive rebate) in order to cover some of the lighting upgrade expenses.

After a free lighting assessment our team will calculate how much energy can be saved and how much of the lighting retrofit costs will be covered by the government. We have helped countless clients in getting their rebates and understand the regulatory environment. Our team of insured and licensed master electricians will complete the work to code to be eligible for the incentives.

With our expertise we are sure to provide you with the best lighting solution that will maximize your rebate from the government.

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Parking Lot Lighting Redesign

Redesign your parking lighting system so it looks and operates properly and save up to 85% energy use.

Your parking lot may require more than just relamping or a lighting retrofit. The lighting distribution may need a new layout in order to get the best output and make use of new technologies.

Due to the open space of outdoor lots most lighting comes from pole lighting. Re-design will usually require removal and/or movement of certain poles which requires new conduit wiring and concrete work.

We will also provide a free lighting assessment and calculate how much energy can be saved and how much of the lighting retrofit costs will be covered by the government.

Lighting Solutions can implement energy efficient lighting strategy to help with all of that.

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Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance

Site lighting is a critical component of patron/employee safety and security. Whether you are replacing burnt lamps & ballasts, locating and repairing underground circuits, or replacing unsafe poles, Lighting Solutions will keep your lighting system shining bright.

We have multiple crews working throughout the city erecting new poles, installing conduit, cutting loops, pulling fiber, and performing routine maintenance. We have master electricians ready to respond to your needs as they arise.

Our lighting maintenance services include:

  • Lamp, ballast and photocell repair and replacement
  • Installation of light pole and/or luminaries arms
  • Maintenance and repair of conduit, junction boxes, conduit bores, grounding
  • Installation and repair to concrete foundations
  • Locating, installing, testing, and splicing conductor cables
  • Modifications to service panels as required
  • Cleaning or repair of components

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Parking Lot Lighting

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