Commercial Lighting Services

Commercial Lighting Services


The Team:

2 Certified Electricians

1 Project Manager ,

1 x 83-32 articulating boom (wow!!)

Me your humble Lighting Solutions Blogger (I prefer to think of myself as a magician that turns tons of blank pages into multi-color rainbow happiness).

Total: 4 people


A. 32” by 26 ft. Scissor lift

B. 83” by 32 ft. (wow!! that’s high and far) Articulating boom

C. PM’s measuring kit


           Articulating Boom Lift                                      Scissor Lift


A. over 1,000,000 sq. feet area to be managed and monitored by the team on an ongoing basis.

B. Relamping the hard to reach areas is planned for tonight. Other maintenance problems to be noted and given to the customer for later decisions.

Project – “We had to react fast, get the team of 4 people and equipment in two days. Just another day at Lighting Solutions”, that is how we roll” says Sheldon Samuels, Project Manager at Lighting Solutions. Customer need – get those lamps changed asap, do it after hours when customers and tenants are absent and get out before the mall opens for the next day. The challenge of the project is relamping this rotunda that has one round ceiling and two levels of the floor, which makes the task more complicated for the Team, the floor can only take so much weight and some of the equipment we use weighs over 25,000 lbs.

9.27 p.m. Project Manager has arrived at the clients premises. The mall is still open and we are not yet able to perform any high reach work. Work assignment is planned 30 minutes in advance to ensure we can start working right on time, at 10 p.m. Every second counts.

10-10.55 pm Electricians are going through the area assessing the sight to determine types of lamps and adjust the action plan.

11 pm- 11.30 p.m. – While one team works in the high reach Rotunda the Project Manager identifies electrical circuits. These will be de-energized and locked out quickly when the electricians are ready to begin service.lights turned off to ensure safety

commercial lighting maintenance toronto

Relamp using a Scissor Lift

commercial lighting maintenance toronto

Turning Lights Off

11.30-12.10 a.m. Burnt out lights are replaced around the mall.

12.30 a.m. – We are moving to the second rotunda sight of the mall to assist the team two working on an articulating boom on ceilings over 80 ft (I can’t get over the height!!).

12.50 a.m. Good to know: a big part of the high ceiling work is moving the boom lift. For an electrician to go up to the ceiling takes up to 2 minutes!

1 a.m. – 2 a.m. – watch a short video on the top of the page

Good to know: the travel speed of the articulating boom 0.7 mile/hr. Slow and steady wins the race.As there are some lamps that we can not reach from the second level floor we would need to move the boom lift down. This means that Sheldon would need to plan the travel well in advance to ensure all the doors are open and the machine actually fits in it. In addition he would need to get the team involved in some other work while the boom is being moved. Otherwise people stand around!! Customers don’t like that.As the boom lift is being moved to the ground floor for the next phase of the project, and there is still some work to be done the next day, Sheldon makes a decision to switch to doing the ballast changing job today even though it was planned for tomorrow. This is done in order to stick to the time scale line of the plan and not to change the project cost.and stay on budget.

“It is always a good idea to have some commonly used electricala plan B so the customer gets value for our nights either way” supplies and equipment with you in extra quantities to allow more room planning and performing the project, especially when the whole plan is made on the go” concludes Sheldon while moving the scissor lift to the area where the ballast change is planned.

So far so good it goes 2.10 am and we still have 4-5 hours before the mall will open to it’s customers.

Commercial Lighting Service Toronto

Articulating Boom Lift

4.35 a.m. – All the ballasts are changed now we only need to get the equipment packed and get a good sleep, there are still project details to

be outlined for the client tomorrow – supplies to order and plans noon and the supplies map to be drawn up..

Off to sleep now.



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