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Lighting Retrofit

Lighting Retrofit

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Get up to 50% Incentive Rebate! Upgrade your lighting system and save up to 85% energy use.

Lighting retrofit allows saving up to 85% hydro use. In addition, get a government rebate  (incentive rebate) in order to cover some of the lighting upgrade expenses.

After a free lighting assessment our team will calculate how much energy can be saved and how much of the lighting retrofit costs will be covered by the government.

We work with these and many other typer of lighting retrofit:

  • LED Retrofit
  • Lighting Incentive
  • Hydro Rebates
  • OPA Rebates
  • Lighting Retrofit 
  • Retrofit Pot Lights 
  • Pot Lights Retrofit
  • LED lighting
  • LED lighting residential
  • LED Parking Lot Retrofit
  • Commercial Retrofit
  • Light Retrofit

You may also be interested in Industrial Lighting, Residential Lighting or Commercial Lighting.

We offer Lighting Retrofit Services for:

We helped to save

Parking Garages

Industrial companies

Shopping Malls


Commercial buildings

Other commercial applications

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