Residential Lighting Toronto

Residential Lighting Toronto

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As a growing niche, residential lighting in Toronto requires more attention to decrease the amounts of energy use.


This is when we come in. Starting with a free lighting assessment our team will provide a full service Residential lighting solution (assessment, lighting supply, and installation) to help you get up to 90% Incentive Rebate.


Hotel LightingCondo Lighting and Apartment Building Lighting are just a few of our day to day residential clients. These clients already benefit from the newest technologies installed and implemented to save energy use and money.


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Example of residential lighting savings


Our client has invested $93,773.00 in lighting retrofit to replace old fixtures with the new LED fixtures and LED light bulbs. The government incentive rebate amounted to $15,958.27, or 17%. This project saves $48,381.88 annually in hydro costs, or 51.6% (ROI) costs of the project.


Payback Period
1 year 11 months!

Saving $48,381.88!

Return on
Investment 51.6%

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Client Description: Condo, Downtown Toronto

Size of premises: 42,000 ft2

Energy Savings, Annually: $48,381.88

Type Cost
Project Cost $93,773.00
Government Incentive Rebate $15,958.00
Energy Savings, Annually $48,381.88
Annual ROI (return on investment) 51.6%
Payback Period 1 year 11 months
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Residential lighting Toronto is a growing niche for saving residents money and improving the quality of living, especially Residential LED Lighting.

The term Residential Lighting Toronto covers many different building types such as Condo Lighting, Exterior Light fixtures, Fluorescent Light Fixtures, Hallway Light Fixtures, Outdoor Light Fixtures, Parking Lighting Toronto, Residential Lighting and other residential buildings. A wide variety of residential lighting products are available for all these types of buildings. Just think about the different kind of residential lighting (indoor and Residential Lighting Toronto), different types of lamps, and the specific project requirements. The type of lighting system and building has a big influence on the tenants of the building in terms of a safe and healthy living environment and can save a lot of money! This is why calling in a lighting specialist for a lighting assessment is a logical first step to determine your specific commercial lighting requirements.

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