Electrical Service Work

Electrical Service Work

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Lighting Solutions staff can perform upgrades to your existing lighting system as well as complete installations.  We also offer FREE lighting assessments in order to calculate capital costs and potential future savings.

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Most of our clients are concentrated in Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, and Richmond Hill.

The term “Commercial Building Lighting” covers many different building types such as offices, warehouses, factories, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. A wide variety of commercial electric lighting products are available for all these types of buildings. Just think about the different kind of commercial lighting fixtures (indoor and outdoor fixtures), different types of lamps and the specific project requirements. The type of lighting system in a building has a big influence on the tenants of the building in terms of a safe and healthy work environment. Therefore, calling in a lighting specialist for a lighting assessment is a logical first step to determine your specific commercial lighting requirements.

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