LED Tubes Toronto. Replacing old fluorescent tubes.

LED Tubes Toronto. Replacing old fluorescent tubes.

LED Tubes Toronto, LED lighting torontoLED Tubes. Replacing old fluorescent tubes.

There are billions of traditional fluorescent tubes in North America and approximately as many traditional fluorescent lighting fixtures.

They come in different lengths, have different amount of lamps and fit in different types of applications but they are generally all about the same.

Traditional fluorescent lighting fixtures include ballast which transform electricity.

Many people want to replace fluorescent technology with LED and there are two options for this:

1. LED Tube with an integrated driver running on line voltage (meaning that electricity runs directly from the socket)

Advantage – no future costs except for LED tubes replacement

Disadvantage – electrical services are required to remove the old ballast

2. LED Tube with an integrated driver on a fluorescent ballast (many people like this option because you have zero electrical costs up front as the LED tube will run on the old fluorescent ballast

Advantage – system can be used as it is

Disadvantage – will require changing the ballast and the light bulb in future.

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