Design Lights Consortium Lighting Solutions Toronto

Design Lights Consortium Lighting Solutions Toronto

What is DLC?

DesignLights Consortium (DLC) is part of the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) and was initially (founded in 1996) focused on the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region.

The DLC concentrates on energy efficient lighting products and is similar to the Energy Star program.

The main goal of the DLC is promoting energy efficient lighting in the building sector, they do this by influencing public policies, come up with new innovative lighting strategies and educate building and lighting professionals to increase lighting efficiency in the built environment.

DLC Lighting Solutions

Lighting Solutions is able to supply DLC certified products for any type of lighting project. The DLC label is required for government incentive rebate and grants for lighting projects.

DLC History:

– The DLC developed the so called “knowhow series” which provided guidance for lighting distributors and electrical contractors. These knowhow series consisted of advice on how to design energy efficient lighting for commercial buildings (commercial building lighting certificates), which was functional, attractive and up to speed for a wide variety of building codes.

– In 2010, DLC came up with the “Qualified Products List”. This is a list with commercial grade high quality and energy saving LED products.

– Three Canadian provinces (including Ontario) joined the DLC lighting program since 2012 to push for new innovative and energy efficient lighting.


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