Energy Star Lighting Solutions Toronto

Energy Star Lighting Solutions Toronto

What is Energy Star?

Energy Star is a program started by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This program aims to use education and certain labeling for light bulbs to help individuals and businesses to choose environmentally friendly products and save energy. Lighting manufacturers are free to choose whether they participate in this program to earn the Energy Star label.

Lighting Solutions and Energy Star

Lighting Solutions is able to supply Energy Star certified products for any type of lighting project. The Energy Star label is required for government incentive and grants for lighting projects.

Energy Star History:

– Established in 1992 primarily for reducing air pollution;

– The Department of Energy (DOE) and EPA broadened the project’s mission in 2005 to include the promotion energy efficient buildings and products. This was done to reduce and lower energy consumption overall pollution of the built environment

– Over 40,000 types of Energy Star products are on the market since 2006 and approximately 4.6 billion are sold in the last 20 years.

Energy Star is used in countries worldwide and has become one of the biggest international standards for lighting products.


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