Free Energy Efficient Lighting Assessments

Free Energy Efficient Lighting Assessments

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Energy Efficient Lighting Systems:

High quality lighting systems are designed to utilize both electric and natural sources to provide a visually interesting, comfortable and healthy environment for the tenants of the building. The lighting system in a building is in most cases the dominant user of electricity and the main source of internal heat. In commercial buildings it can account up to approximately 30% of the total electricity usage consumed on a monthly basis. Having an energy efficient lighting system using energy efficient light fixtures and energy efficient bulbs can reduce this electricity usage significantly depending on the type and size of the building.

High efficiency lighting like LEDs and fluorescents can help cut operational lighting costs as much as 60% in certain situations. Additional advantages:

– Reducing impact on the environment;

– Lower lighting maintenance costs;

– Increased worker productivity and safety.

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How to design and install an energy efficient lighting system

Creating a balanced and well equipped lighting system requires knowledge and experience to satisfy both the aesthetics as well as the performance side of a lighting project. A properly designed lighting system will have the right amount of fixtures and lamps in order to maximize the required light levels and minimize the operating costs, such as maintenance and electricity usage.

What requirements are used to choose the right type of energy efficient light bulbs?

– Color Rendering Index (CRI);

– Color Temperature;

– Cost per Lamp

– Dimming capabilities;

– Hours of Operation;

– Life and Lumen Maintenance;

– Lumens per Watt;


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Lighting Solutions is a full service electrical contractor, we design, supply and retrofit any type of lighting system in Ontario, Canada. We are also qualified to apply on your behalf for any type of energy efficiency programs or energy efficiency incentives provided by the government of Ontario.


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