Free Lighting Retrofit Assessments

Free Lighting Retrofit Assessments

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What is a Lighting Retrofit?

The process of replacing old lighting systems (e.g. metal halides) with new and more energy efficient lighting. Advancements in lighting technology in the past 10/15 years have made it possible to reduce monthly hydro costs up to 50/60% by installing energy efficient lighting systems. Energy savings calculated over time will be significant enough to pay for the new equipment as well as producing a return on investment by monthly savings.

Why Retrofit your Lighting System?

There are many reasons why businesses retrofit their lighting systems. The main reason in most cases is the fact that businesses can reduce their monthly hydro costs up to 60%. Additionally regional hydro companies in Ontario will issue financial rebates for eligible lighting projects. Most projects managed by Lighting Solutions will see a ROI between 6 months to 2 years depending on size and specific project requirements.

Reasons to retrofit your lighting

– Reducing hydro costs;

– Comply with energy standards;

– Earn government incentives and tax savings;

– Better quality lighting;

– Lower maintenance costs and extending product life;

– Increase worker productivity;

– Instant ON/OFF (old metal halides can take up to 15 minutes to be fully turned on, new energy efficient lighting will ignite instantly when turned on).

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Lighting Retrofit Expectations

Every business has different needs and therefor different expectations. Lighting Solutions offers a free, no obligation lighting assessment for all types of buildings in the Ontario region.

What happens during a lighting assessment?

One of our specialists will come by your location for a visit and walk through the facility to assess and analyze your specific lighting requirements. Lighting Solutions will then setup a proposal, which will outline the possible lighting options, amount of savings, government rebates, ROI etc. specified to your requirements.

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