Lighting Retrofit Toronto and Lighting Incentive Rebates Ontario

Lighting Retrofit Toronto and Lighting Incentive Rebates Ontario




Lighting Upgrade Incentives

Incentive Programs have been developed by governmental agencies to encourage upgrades which reduce energy consumption. As a property owner or manager, your eligibility for these incentives depends on your location, type of property and its size. All incentive applications must be submitted and approved before the projects begin. With Lighting Solutions, we administer the application process on your behalf to ensure you receive your applicable incentive without project delays.

Incentives for the Ontario Market

Toronto Hydro Business Incentive Program (BIP)

This program delivered by Toronto Hydro-Electric System offers incentives to all owners and operators of commercial lighting and industrial lighting buildings in the City of Toronto. The incentives are $400/kW for lighting upgrades, and $800/kW for other energy saving upgrades. Projects are evaluated to ensure that true kW reductions are achieved and retrofits remain in operation for 3 years.

BOMA Toronto CDM Program

The BOMA Toronto CDM Program is available for commercial properties in the City of Toronto over 25,000 sq. ft. The incentive for projects is either $400 per kilowatt (kW) on-peak demand reduction or $0.05 per kilowatt hour (kWh) of annual consumption reduction up to 40% of the projects capital cost.

Better Buildings Partnership

The Better Buildings Partnership offers program for multi-residential properties, MASH sector properties and new construction in the City of Toronto. The Better Buildings Partnership Existing Buildings Program (BBP-EB) provides a range of incentives for prescriptive applications such as exit sign upgrades, as well as offer an incentive of $0.07/kWh for larger custom projects e.g., over 250 lighting fixtures.

Electricity Retrofit Incentive Program (ERIP)

The ERIP program is for commercial buildings outside the City of Toronto. ERIP is delivered through your local distribution company (LDC) however, not all LDC participate in the program. ERIP provides a range of incentives for prescriptive applications such as exit sign upgrades, as well as offer an incentive of $0.05/kWh for custom projects.Natural Resources Canada EcoEnergy Retrofit IncentiveNRCan Eco Energy Retrofit Incentive is the federal program available to any commercial & industrial building in Canada. The program can be combined with other provincially and municipally available incentive programs. The incentive is up to $10 per gigajoule of estimated energy savings up to 25 percent of eligible project costs or $50,000 per project.

Lighting Retrofit Toronto and Incentive Rebates

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