Lighting Solutions Electrical Safety Authority Ontario

Lighting Solutions Electrical Safety Authority Ontario

What is ESA?

The Electrical Safety Authority was established in 1999 with the goal to improve public electrical safety in the province of Ontario.

The ESA is a non-profit administrative authority acting on behalf of the Government of Ontario and has specific roles and responsibilities to oversee electrical safety in Ontario.

Lighting Solutions and ESA

Lighting Solutions is a registered electrical contractor at the “Electrical Safety Authority”.

What does the ESA regulate and administer?

– Ontario Electrical Safety Code;

– Licensing of Master Electricians and Master Electricians;

– Safety of Electrical Distribution Systems;

– Product Safety of Electrical Products;

– Appels Regulation.

What is important to the ESA?

– Identifying risks and causes of accidents related to electrical work;

– Educating, training and raising awareness in electrical safety;

– Ensuring that electrical companies comply with regulations;

– Investigating injuries and fatalities related to electrical work.

Funding for the ESA is paid by safety services, oversight and licensing.


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