Occupancy Sensor Systems Devices

Occupancy Sensor Systems Devices

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What are occupancy sensors?

Occupancy Sensors are devices that recognize a person or vehicle approaching an area which signals the lighting to turn on. Once the person, vehicle or mechanical equipment has left the area, the lighting will turn off after a pre-determined time period has elapsed.

When designed properly, occupancy sensor systems are predictive; the lights will energize prior to the occupant entering the area. A system approach is important when considering parking garage, office and warehouse applications.

What is daylight harvesting?

Daylight Harvesting is a method that utilizes natural daylight to provide a safe level of lighting in an area. Daylight Harvesting Sensors recognize the difference between artificial and natural light. Based on the amount of natural light, the artificial light fixtures are controlled to match the pre-determined light level.

What types of Occupancy Sensors does Lighting Solutions Install?

Lighting Solutions installs the most appropriate and best suited sensors based on lighting system requirements. Not all sensors work in all applications. There are major performance differences between competing technologies and manufacturers.Sensors use the following technologies:

Passive Infrared Sensors detect movement and/or increased heat in an area caused by natural increases in movement and heat as people enter the area.

Ultra-Sonic Sensors emit ultra-sonic waves that bounce off objects in a room with an echo sent to the sensors. The sensitivity of the sensors recognizes movement in the room and responds accordingly.

Micro-Phonic Sensors listen to irregular sound patterns to detect motion in a room.

Daylight Sensors detect the amount of light in a room and are programmed to ensure an even light level regardless of the amount of daylight available.

Why should we consider Occupancy Sensors?

Substantial opportunities to reduce energy costs exist through the use of sensors. For applications which are in operation for 24 hours or in periodic use, occupancy sensors have the potential to save you money. Sensors are ideal for parking garage, office, hallway, washroom and meeting room applications. Daylight harvesting is ideal for common areas which are primarily lit by natural light through large windows or skylights.

What type of Lighting Systems can use Sensors?

Incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and induction lighting are ideal for sensors. Due to their long re-strike & start-up time, you should not use sensors with HID lighting systems.

What if the occupancy sensors fail?

Lighting Solutions installs override switches with its sensor systems which allow any occupant to override the sensors in case of failure.


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