Shatterproof Light Bulbs and Tube Sleeves Toronto Ontario Canada

Shatterproof Light Bulbs and Tube Sleeves Toronto Ontario Canada

Shatterproof light bulbs and tube sleeves are commonly used in:

– Food related warehouses;

– Restaurants and Kitchens;

– Nightclubs & Bars;

– Swimming Pools and Aquariums;

– Any other building type that requires more safety.

This specific type of tube is designed to withstand the splintering and shattering of glass in case the tube is broken in any way. The tube has a coating, which is made from flexible plastic (Teflon). The coating will stay intact and retain of all the broken pieces of glass and phosphor powder inside the tube.

Check out this YouTube video to get an explanation of the differences between shatterproof lamps and tube sleeves:

Benefits of Teflon coated lamps and fluorescent tube sleeves:


shatterproof lamps

Safe working environment for employees and the products beneath the lighting system;

Reduces the risk of possible contamination in food products;

Fluorescent tube sleeves and impact resistant lighting is available in the common types of lighting; T5, T8 and T12.

Shatterproof light bulbs are also known as:


Coloured Fluro Tubes

Cheap Tube Light

Coloured Tube Sleeves ;

Light Bulb Coating;

Shatterproof Fluorescent;

Shatterproof Heat lamps;

Teflon Coated Lamps Bulbs;

Color sleeves;

Colour sleeves;

Coloured sleeves for fluorescent tubes;

Fluorescent bulb sleeves;

Fluorescent lamp sleeves;

Fluorescent sleeves;

Fluorescent light sleeve;

Fluorescent sleeves;

Fluorescent tube covers;

Fluorescent tube protector sleeves;

Fluorescent tube sleeves;

Impact resistant lighting

Lamp sleeves;

Light bulb shatter;

Light sleeve;

Light sleeves;

Plastic tube sleeves;

Safety lamps;

Shatterproof bulbs;

Shatterproof light bulbs;

Shatterproof light bulbs;

Shatter resistant bulbs

Shatter resistant light bulbs;

Shatter resistant;

Shatter shield lamps;

Shatterproof heat lamp bulbs;

Shatterproof lights;

Sleeves for fluorescent tubes;

Tube guards and sleeves;

Tube sleeve;

Tube sleeves;

As you can see, there are many different terms for the same type of lamp.


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