WSIB Workplace Safety and Insurance Act Ontario

WSIB Workplace Safety and Insurance Act Ontario

What is WSIB?

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Act is an Ontario government agency, which legislates liability workplace insurance.

Lighting Solutions and WSIB

Lighting Solutions is a registered electrical contractor at the “Workplace Safety and Insurance Act”

What does this mean for Lighting Solutions?

Lighting Solutions contributes to a province wide insurance fund, which is based on payroll (amount of employees) and accident experience in the lighting industry. The benefit of this workplace insurance is that employees are not able to sue the employer as a result of work related injuries. Employers are protected from lawsuits and employees get a guaranteed compensation and benefits package in return.

What does this mean for employees?

Employees who get injured during work will get compensated by WSIB on a “No Fault” basis. Compensation to the employee is paid through the WSIB fund no matter who is at fault (the employee, the employer or any other third party). The employer is shielded from any liabilities in return for this “No Fault” basis compensation. An employee cannot sue an employer for work related diseases or injuries.


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